Education Board Graduation Service

Friday, 12th March 2010 witnessed the latest Graduation Service organised by the Education Board. Trainee and Probationary teachers within our schools have to study for an external degree as well as attending the Education Board Seminar during the month of August at the Whitefield College of the Bible for four years along. During the school they are under the supervision and instruction of their respective school principals. Upon completing these studies they each receive the Diploma of Christian Education when graduating.

The graduation service was held in Portadown Church with teachers representing our schools present. Rev John Greer [who stood in for Rev Johnstone] presented the Diplomas and also preached from Mark 4:26-29 on the parable of the man casting seed into the ground.

Three Trainee teachers graduated at this special service. We offer our congratulations to each one:

Mrs Laura Ferguson, B.A. [Open University] Portadown I.C.S

Mrs Deborah Foster, B.A. [London University] Kilskeery I.C.S

Mrs Sharon Kirker, B.Sc. [Open University] Newtownabbey I.C.S

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