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Unsuitable State Education

In reading through the Core Syllabus for Religious Education available on the Department of Education [DENI] website there are two areas that should concern every born again believer and especially every Free Presbyterian. One has been the case for some time; the other is more recent in origin:

1. Religious Education as defined by the four main Churches [Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, & Methodist] and filtered through an Equality Impact Assessment is compulsory for every pupil in a state school. This means that anything approaching the Gospel is flushed out of this syllabus. This is just an anaemic, bland excuse for the Truth and a blatant exercise in ecumenism that is being taught to Free Presbyterians!

2. Equally worrying is that Relationships and Sexuality Education [RSE] & Citizenship Education is specifically structured to include the teaching of respect for sodomy. By respect we all know they mean acceptance!

How can this be right? How it can be right to oppose Sodomy on one hand and on the other hand tolerate a system in which Free Presbyterians children are placed under such teaching, A house divided against itself cannot stand, Matthew 12:25.

These are not the only reasons for Christian Education but they certainly are some of them!

Wording of theĀ Core Syllabus for Religious Education:

4.2.13 Religious Education (RE) is a compulsory part of the curriculum in Northern Ireland. Schools have to provide RE in accordance with the Revised Core Syllabus prepared by the FOur Main Church and accepted by the Department following an Equality Impact Assessement (EQIA)

4,2.14 The revisedĀ curriculum for schools also includes Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) and citzenship education where Pupils explore, issues such as developing positive relationships and also diversity and respect for others, including those of differing sexual orientation.

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